To guarantee the highest production process quality through machine vision

Every day we work to improve our leading position in specific manufacturing sectors through differentiation and product design dedicated to the customer. Our mission is to find solutions for our customer’s needs, pursuing:

Excellence in technology, marketing and service to the customer as a philosophical choice.
Growth synergic, sustainable and profitable, in domestic and world market.
Innovation in design, service and everything we do, to create an added value.


Custom design and
machine construction

  • Manipulation and positioning systems
  • Assembling systems
  • Test benches

Simulation and

  • Kinematic schemes
  • Static and dynamic FEM analysis
  • Multibody analysis of systems and kinematics
  • Parametric optimizations and topologicals
  • Mathematical models

Electric and
electronic design

  • Electric and electronic schemes
  • Signal processing

Elaboration and
control software

  • Process parameters
  • Algorithm elaboration

In 2004 the UTP S.r.l., a company engaged in the engineering and manufacturing of special equipments for the mechanical industry, decided to develop a new industrial application combining real time control systems with image processing systems. The outcome was UTPVision S.r.l.

The current know-how of UTPVision ranges from PC based hard real-time control systems to sophisticated algorithms of image processing supported by traditional techniques of artificial vision. Today UTPVision counts a very large fleet of artificial vision machines for elastomeric materials and many other vision systems for special applications. Our clients are distributed in different geographical areas and are business leaders in their respective fields.

WHY UTPVision?

Our systems, equipments and components are tailored to the needs of the customer and are the result of many years of experience in the acquisition and processing of digital images. The know-how comes from several industrial applications in different fields and various kind of products. The technology applied to our production is always cutting edge, high quality and reliability.

UTPVision staff have access to experts in every field of the components for the development of vision systems: mechanics, electronics, software, optics and lightings. Regarding the customer service we have analyzed, shared and solved problems working alongside with the technicians of the best companies.

Companies that work according to the guidelines of the ISO 9000 and ISO TS16949 need to install automatic control systems to avoid the limits of the human control. The visual inspection of parts by operator is incomplete due to the loss of concentration of the subjects, is subjective as it regards the repeatibility of the results and expensive when compared to an automatic control system.


Today UTPVision’s commitment is to meet the challenges of the global market. The desire to promote control and vision systems beyond the boundaries of our traditional markets is one of the prerogatives of the company.

Providing technical assistance and design, with excellent and timely service to consolidate partnerships with the customers. We are not just a supplier, but we want to become a part of the chain of design, manufacture and testing of customers’ products.


World is changing so fast, that it becomes impossible to establish what changes will affect our society, our company and we as human beings in the next future.

UTPVision philosophy is to look at the market 360°, to be interested and available to evaluate the implementation of new projects in the market of the rubber articles and develop our systems for articles in different materials: plastics and thermoplastics, metals, special materials, assembled articles. Market’s requirements will be our new challenges for the future.


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