BlynX: custom visual inspection system

UTPVision is a leading provider of vision inspection solutions with a long experience in a variety of industries worldwide. As such, UTPVision can develop solutions for virtually any application, precisely tailored to your needs.


The vision module can be installed virtually anywhere thanks to the compact footprint.

BlynX integrates UTPVision’s proprietary inspection software. PC Included. Optional monitor available on request.



BlynX is a custom-configurable vision inspection system that can be used inline for real-time production quality monitoring or offline for statistical process control.

UTPVision software is at the heart of BlynX: its cutting-edge vision algorithms that also leverage AI tools can quickly analyze a part and sort it based on various parameters, such as surface defects, geometrical flaws, out-of-tolerance dimensions etc.

The image shows an example of a BlynX surface inspection system installed next to a machine press. BlynX can be easily configured to include various sensors for 100% part inspection, high precision dimensional measurement and other tasks.

BlynX is the result of many years of experience in machine vision technology. It can improve your productivity, ensuring consistent and reliable quality control.

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