UTPVision launching MaviX

the software for monitoring and managing automatic and manual visual inspection systems

Developed in collaboration with Sintattica, the system is specifically designed for companies in the rubber industry.

Albano S.Alessandro (BG), May 22, 2018 – UTPVision, a leading company in designing and building visual inspection machines, has launched MaviX (Manager for Visual Inspection), a software suite that can create a two-way connection between the automatic visual inspection machines and management of manual sorting tables that can interface with any production management in the company.

MaviX makes the visual inspection machines compatible with the demands of “Industry 4.0”. It provides advanced systems for collecting date, project planning, and viewing recorded data. This renders it a new, effective tool for monitoring and analyzing data, of growing value in the ongoing, rapid development of the industries for which it is made, in which product quality has reached extremely high standards.

“Our clients demand the best technologies to make their inspection processes increasingly precise, rapid, and efficient. MaviX now lets them add to their visual inspection machines a shared point for collecting and analyzing data, which many have long been asking for,” says Mario Regazzoni, UTPVision’s Managing Director. “We needed an experienced, highly qualified partner to create this system, and we found just such a partner in Sintattica, which developed this suite for us and handles implementing the systems.”

“We made use of the most effective, robust technologies to make MaviX. The challenge that we set ourselves was to build a system that could be rapidly installed and included non-disruptively in industrial settings,” according to Nicola Vezzoli, manager of the MaviX project and Sintattica’s CEO. “The need to collect data from different sets of machine meant analyzing and reconciling information. The suite is a point of pride for us, and we are confident it will bring immediate, real benefits to its users.”


Mavix-A - Software for a two-way connection between visual inspection machines

It lets users remotely collect and view data generated from the linked machines. It has a dashboard for real-time viewing and monitoring of the machine’s operation and can upload information needed to start-up the inspection (lot code, quantities, and so forth). This is a perfect solution to make machines using it compatible with Industry 4.0’s demands for streamlining.

Mavix-M - Software to manage manual sorting by workers

It lets users organize, distribute orders to employees, schedule projects, check times, and evaluate staff production. The system offers several access profiles (supervisor, sorting manager, operator), each with its own functions. It can be used on computers, tablets, or other devices connected to the company network. Mavix-M includes a planner to organize and schedule the manual sorting orders.

UTPVision is a leader in designing and building automatic visual inspection machines for quality control for diverse types of components and high-volume productions. Its know-how runs the gamut from computer-based real-time inspections with sophisticated image processing algorithms supported by traditional artificial vision technologies. Based outside of Bergamo, it has showrooms in China and the U.S., relying on 50 employees and a worldwide sales network.

Sintattica is dedicated to digital transformation for companies. Its objective is to solve real problems, simply and effectively, through digital media and the internet. The solutions it builds may be fully customized or installations on Sincloud, its proprietary cloud platform, lets processes be improved more simply, rapidly, and efficiently, which means less expensively. Sintattica has years of experience in creating IoT solutions and has made many products currently in use in diverse industries certified for Industry 4.0. For more information: www.sintattica.it